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Episode 13 : Sharda Talk | Reservation & Politics By Mandvi Bhadauria | #makeithappen

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Published on 07 May 2019 / In Sharda Talk

#makeithappen #shardatalk #reservations #indianpolitics

“Reservation is against the fundamental principles of humanity” quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, with these lines we present you with the 13 th episode of SHARDA TALK featuring Mandvi Bhadauria speaking on “RESERVATION & POLITICS”.

Mandvi starts her speech by saying, that reservation was first initiated as a program which was meant for the upliftment of backward societies including scheduled caste and tribes and was planned initially for a period of 10 years, so that after the backward groups reaches a respectable position in the society, the reservation would be removed however thanks to dirty politics in India it was never done so and now it has became a very serious concern faced by the society today.

Mandvi explains how politicians and so called dalit leaders use these reservations as their weapons to manipulate people and gain votes. Mandvi also explains how reservation snatches away the rights of deserving candidates and gives them to the candidates who don’t deserve them.

Mandvi shares an example of how a child belonging from a general category after scoring more than 90% is not able to get seats in top Engineering institutions, however a child scoring much less than that easily gets a seat due to reservations. Mandvi speaks a very beautiful line “GAREEBI JATI DEKHKAR NAI HOTI, TO RESERVATIONS JATI DEKHKR KYUN?”.

She concludes her speech by saying, that we want a world where everyone is given the same number of opportunities, and we want to see a change in our society, but for that to happen we need to be the change, what we want to see in our society….

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