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Episode 2 : Sharda Talk | Stand-up Comedy By Sandeep Kushwah | Anand Engineering College, Agra

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Published on 07 May 2019 / In Sharda Talk

Robin Williams once said "Comedy can be a cathartic way to deal with personal trauma",
with these lines in mind we present you Sandeep Khushwah in our second video of Sharda
talk, one of the best comedian of Anand Technical Campus to lighten up heart and mind with
his sense of humour. Smile is the greatest gift of God to human beings, however we have
forgot to do so in our daily lives. The pressure of work, the burden of studies, the weight of
life has snatched from us what is considered to be the best gift of life. With this kept in mind
Sandeep Khushwah believes that the best thing he can do for the society is to relieve them
from their tension and he believes that can be done with dose of laughter. Sandeep with his
sense of humor converts all those normal things which we observe in our day to day life into
humor which anyone can't resist. Be it normal ramleela, or a speech by politician, his
humorous mind find laughter from anything. So get ready for those uncontrollable laughters
which will make your day....

Sharda talk a venture of Sharda Group of Institutions provides a platform to young enthusiasts, young talents and future leaders of the society to express their views, thoughts and mindset about the social issues which not only our society but the world is facing. The platform is not just only for the bold speakers, it also provides a stage and audience to our young emerging stand up comedians, singers, poets and story tellers. The platform is for believers and also for speakers, for the one's who want to change the society and also for the one's who wanna change themselves, for the leaders who want to share their experiences and also for the enthusiasts who want to gather new experiences, and more importantly for the students who want to face their fears and also for the brave who want the world to know how it feels like to face fears.
Extracurricular activities are an important part of a student's life, it not only provides them with an ability which makes a person stand different from a crowd but also provides with a confidence which would boost up the entire personality of a person making them the best version of themselves. And we at SHARDA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS having a legacy of 23 years with 4 campuses take it as a priority. We already have 47500+ well placed students across the globe and 20000 students pursuing their careers in various courses in our campuses. And with this we present SHARDA TALK an original venture from Sharda Group of Institutions who believe that students who are gifted with unique talents should be provided with an equally unique platform to exhibit their glorious flair. Whether it be a motivational speech, or words on a social cause, or may it be words of laughter, or a story which enthrals our heart. We have a platform which covers it all. "SHARDA TALK”

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