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Episode 8 : Sharda Talk | Why Reservations ??? By Vidhu Bharadwaj | #makeithappen

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Published on 07 May 2019 / In Sharda Talk

“RESERVATION” a word which has always been a topic of debate in India with many of us speaking against it and many in favor of it, and this is the topic chosen by Vidhu Bhardwaj Featuring in the 8th
episode of SHARDA TALK.

Before speaking anything on the topic Vidhu boldly asks everyone to think about the words he is going to say with an open mind. Reservation is legal, but is it Mandatory?. It is the first question asked by Vidhu. He then asks “Is Reservation the only way to uplift the minorities?”.

Vidhu speaks how there are hoarding of opportunities around us, based on location urban people have more opportunities, based on class rich people hold the opportunity, based on gender boys are the one who hold opportunity and based on caste, upper class hindus are the ones who hold the opportunity.

To prove his points Vidhu says according to NSS reports upper caste hindu holds around 26% of population in India and the percentage they get in Elite institutions and teaching job are 67 and 66% respectively.

He speaks how instead of utilizing these opportunities, we have always complained of the denied ones. He speaks, about he too feels the pain when a child with a lower ranks gets admission while a deserving candidate doesn’t but that’s merely not the fault of reservation, the limited amount of seats in Elite colleges is also a problem which needs to be solved. He speaks that the solution is to expand the seats of our institutions so that each and everyone can get a quality education.

Vidhu concludes by saying that “Reservation is not something one should be proud of, there is a need to find a solution and how about ending the caste system instead of ending reservations?, the answer lies within…”

Sharda talk a venture of Sharda Group of Institutions provides a platform to young enthusiasts, young talents and future leaders of the society to express their views, thoughts and mindset about the social issues which not only our society but the world is facing. The platform is not just only for the bold speakers, it also provides a stage and audience to our young emerging stand up comedians, singers, poets and story tellers. The platform is for believers and also for speakers, for the one's who want to change the society and also for the one's who wanna change themselves, for the leaders who want to share their experiences and also for the enthusiasts who want to gather new experiences, and more importantly for the students who want to face their fears and also for the brave who want the world to know how it feels like to face fears.

Extracurricular activities are an important part of a student's life, it not only provides them with an ability which makes a person stand different from a crowd but also provides with a confidence which would boost up the entire personality of a person making them the best version of themselves. And we at SHARDA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS having a legacy of 23 years with 4 campuses take it as a priority. We already have 47500+ well placed students across the globe and 20000 students pursuing their careers in various courses in our campuses.

And with this we present SHARDA TALK an original venture from Sharda Group of Institutions who believe that students who are gifted with unique talents should be provided with an equally unique platform to exhibit their glorious flair. Whether it be a motivational speech, or words on a social cause, or may it be words of laughter, or a story which enthrals our heart. We have a platform which covers it all. "SHARDA TALK”

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